Lawn Installation

We have many options when it comes to your lawn! Whether it's for new construction, to save and renovate your existing lawn or a complete removal with a fresh new start, we have the options!
In this process you may receive: complete grading of the lawn for proper slope and drainage, rock hounding to remove debris and rocks, installation of new topsoil and/or core plugging with over seeding just to name a few.
Great lawns start with preparation and the best materials including starter fertilizer to enrich the soil and a full line of professional seed mixes formulated for our Ohio weather.

Our services include:

Mulched Straw

Mulched Straw

Straw blowing is the process of taking a bale of straw and finely mulching it then blowing and spreading it into an even layer over the prepped soil. This finely mulched straw will coat the soil and form a protective barrier against rain while holding in moisture and shading it from the direct sunlight. This process protects the land we have already prepped with screened topsoil, seed and starter fertilizer.


Get an instant lawn with our thick high quality sod. Grown locally and cut fresh the day we install it

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  • Rock hound and grading

  • Light excavating

  • Lot clearing

  • Final grading

Rock Hound

Rock Hound

Rock hounding is the act of tilling the soil and removing rocks and debris in preparation for a lawn install.

After your lawn install let us protect your investment and maintain your new lawn. We offer mowing and trimming, customized fertilizing programs which are applied by our licensed professionals along with lawn aeration, lime and over seeding to keep your lawn thick, green and weed free for you to enjoy.

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